DICED is a data research and analysis group helping NZ’s built environment and infrastructure sector make smarter decisions.

The Challenge

Data is often undiscovered

Industry data is unorganised, sparse, and time-consuming to aggregate

Information is overly qualitative

Information is not measurable and unable to be used for comparison

Data is selectively isolated

Metrics are presented in isolation to other contributing factors

Our Purpose

DICED (Data in Construction, Engineering & Development) works with industry partners to research, analyse, and present sector-specific data to help the New Zealand construction, engineering, and development sectors:

  1. Improve productivity within the industry
  2. Improve the output quality of the industry

This can only be achieved if the built environment and infrastructure sectors are equipped with the resources to make more informed decisions. In order for this to happen, DICED will help organisations make use of smarter, data-focused information to improve processes and outcomes.

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